What we play

We play a verity of games, ranging from MMO's to shooters. Below a selection of a few, but this is definitely not the only games we play.



One of the most popular games at the moment. We play it in duo and squads, in both FPP and TPP.


World of Warcraft

With a core group of members dating back from vanilla, the current guild had been around since the release of WoD.


ARK: Survival Evolved

With the recent release of the new ARK DLC, this game is currently one of the most played games within the community.

WoW Guild

We have an active World of Warcraft guild on the European realms of Auchindoun, Jaedenar and Dunemaul. We are recruiting anyone who can have a laugh and join in on the fun on teamspeak as most people are on after work for a bit. For the progress group we would be looking mainly at ranged dps as we are currently a couple of people short of getting a mythic group together which would be awesome!

  • Progression raid on Wednesday (7pm server time)
  • Drunk/fun raid on Saturday
  • Semi mature, fun loving, semi-serious raiders