In order for our pug runs to run smoothly and fair with regards to looting, we are using the following loot rules.

Tanks get priority for loot if it’s tank/dps loot.
MS > OS with +1 system split between Set Pieces and other BIS items.
What do we mean with +1? It’s a system to distribute the gear more fairly. Everyone starts with a "score" of 0. If you win a roll, you get +1 score. You can’t win rolls against a person with lower score then you.

This is split between set pieces and other shared bis. So for instance, if you win a set piece, you can still roll for other loot that is not a set piece.

For the shared bis, we will be going of this document for what classes get to roll on what.

Lastly, all crafting materials materials and recipes go to SuitUp. The master looter will take and sell these for the guild bank.


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